For years, globalists like George Soros and radical leftist Silicon Valley corporations led by Google and Facebook have methodically used their wealth, power, and political connections to chip away at your internet freedom. In 2015, Soros-funded interests and their Silicon Valley allies mobilized as never before to orchestrate Obama’s federal government grab of our information platforms under the guise of “Net Neutrality.” Now, as the Trump Administration’s FCC moves to repeal the oppressive Obama rule, the tech-left is planning an all-out assault on our internet freedoms, and it is up to us to stand up to them. Now is the time to fight for internet independence, the time to take the internet from the federal government and the leftist billionaires in Silicon Valley and give it back to the people.


“Net Neutrality,” the darling of the Obama administration’s FCC, gives the government control of our internet based on the way they structured the final rules. For all intents and purposes, this does little more than give the liberal elite and powerful Silicon Valley CEOs the opportunity to propagate their own ideology and control the internet in a way that suits their agenda.

The left has relentlessly pushed their big government allies to take control of the internet in a way that benefits them, not you. They have successfully misled citizens to believe that keeping Net Neutrality in place is what’s best for the average American, but in fact, it is what is best for content gatekeepers Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Here are the Facts:

  • Keeping the current Net Neutrality rules in place is a critical agenda item for Silicon Valley CEOs – it allows them greater control over internet content and an unchecked opportunity to censor free expression online.
  • Silicon Valley’s elite want to, and continue to, block content they do not agree with – political or otherwise.
  • Keeping the Obama-era Net Neutrality regulations in place continues to provide the tech-left the perfect opportunity to prioritize their own content, and keep whichever content they choose out of view for internet users – all at their own discretion.
  • The Soros-funded netroots “non-profits” were easily able to push their agenda in coordination with the Obama Administration, and making sure these rules remain is their top priority since it gives big government the power over content, to hike consumer costs, and to deeply meddle with the inner workings of our communications networks.
  • Free speech is as vital today as ever, and as the conversation continues to shift to the internet, this pivotal final communications frontier must be preserved as a truly open forum for sharing ideas.


Two years ago the internet was taken away from average Americans… It’s time to take it back. We must band together to fight against the tech-left’s takeover of the internet – we need to keep it a safe space for free speech.

File a comment to the FCC. Fill out the information in the form below and tell President Trump’s FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to “Free Our Internet.” Submit your own comment or draw from the letter pre-populated in the submission box.

Use our hashtag #NetFreedomRing and tell the FCC to give the internet back to the people and make it clear that Silicon Valley elites can’t control our internet.

If you’re in the Washington, D.C. area over the Fourth of July, use our Snapchat filter! Our Lady Liberty filter will be available on July 4 and July 12 on the National Mall and near the House and Senate office buildings.

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